Der Kinofilm: "Bigger, Longer, Uncut" -
einige Facts

Inhaltlich geht es um die Restaurierung und die Planung der Reichstagskuppel. Warum aber ausgerechnet dieser Text auf der Rückseite des Zeitungsausschnittes stehen musste, weiss wohl niemand...

Der lesbare Text des Artikels:

[..] Names and Dates, obscene comments, a reference to the battle of Stalingrad - all are revealed in perpeturity. Foster also saved marks left by earlier renovations, when the building's vaulted corridors were torn out to make way for ad-[..]
[..]ing and the adjacent western plaza with a giant steel-and-glass canopy supported by slender, 190-foot-high columns. He wanted to link the building directly to the plaza, once the site of massive pulsate demonstrations - most recent when the Berlin Wall was torn down. Foster hoped to extend the spirit of a spontaneous public gathering place through to the building; he designed interior courtyards, a rooftop terrace and a restaurant, all open to the public. But the building's program and budget subsequently were significantly scaled back, and Foster was forced to completely revise his sceme. The result - which still cost $165 million - is more compact, less radical. Foster discarded the large-scale enclosure and instead reshaped the original dom[..]